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Patrick A. Odom Jr., is the President of Diamond Leadership Solutions.  Patrick is a proven leader, mentor, executive, and manager who has served as the key enlisted adviser to military commanders on matters concerning the welfare, career progression and mission readiness of thousands of personnel.  He also provided guidance and direction to integral leadership and management positions, on workplace morale, team enhancement, and resilience.  Patrick specializes in counseling personnel on leadership, workplace values, self-improvement, self-discipline, and acts to resolve complaints.


Serving over 20 years in the United States Air Force, Patrick has held several prominent leadership positions at various levels to include United States Air Force Security Forces Academy Technical Instructor and Seventh Air Force Forces Headquarters First Sergeant.  Patrick’s unwavering dedication to people as a leader has garnered him multiple major military awards and decorations for his individual and team efforts and accomplishments.  Always eager to learn,  Patrick earned Associates degree’s from the Community College of the Air Force in Criminal Justice, Instructor of Technology and Military Science, and Human Resources Management.  He also completed his Bachelors of Science from Bellevue-University, Nebraska in Adult Education and is currently pursuing his Masters of Science in Organizational Development and Leadership. 


Understanding that people and time are our most valuable resources, Patrick’s focus has been and will always be finding ways to enhance our ability to communicate with each other in all facets of our lives to include the workplace, school, and home environment with the goal of everyone being treated with Dignity and Respect.  Reaching this goal of healthy communication among people allows us to prioritize our commidity of time which will yield better results, dividends, organizational climates, communities, and families.


A trained Formal Instructor, experienced Master Resilience Trainer, proven Installation Green Dot Training Coordinator and seasoned First Sergeant, Patrick has been awarded Special Experience Identifiers from the United States Air Force in all four disciplines allowing his teams to thrive mentally, physically, socially, and spiritually.

Patrick's 10 Strengths

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Appreciation of Beauty

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